Q: What does ‘all-in’ mean when I’m buying a ticket?

A: All-in means that any fees associated with your ticket are included. This promotion does not include Toronto whose “all-in” costs are slightly higher than listed price.


Q: When will San Francisco and San Diego be on sale?

A: The San Francisco and San Diego shows will go on sale 5/29/12 starting with limited quantity of $25 all-in ticketing.


Q: When will the lineups for Wantagh, San Francisco and San Diego be announced?

A: Lineup will be announced very soon, stay tuned!


Q: Are there VIP packages this year?
A: Yes


Q: I see there are 2 VIP packages, what’s the difference?
A: The Ultimate VIP Package: you must be at least 21 years old, you get to stand on stage in the VIP viewing area as well as attend IDENTITY After Dark — which is a backstage hangout with ID artist and their guests (except Toronto and Atlanta), plus a list of other goodies.

The VIP Package: this is for attendees at least 18 years and up.  This also includes IDENTITY After Dark — which is the backstage hangout with ID artists and their guests (except Toronto and Atlanta) and a list of goodies. There is no stand on stage.


Q: Are there any age restrictions for IDENTITY?

A: Please check your local tour dates page for info.


Q: How many kinds of tickets are there?

A: Two; General Admission (GA), and VIP. There are two levels of VIP. Please check your show to see what is available. There are no separate Pit tickets; pit will be first come first serve.


Q: Where can I get VIP tickets?

A: They are available exclusively through VIP Nation


Q: I noticed some of these venues have seats, is there assigned seating and do we have to sit?

A: There is NO assigned seating and no one has to sit anywhere at anytime. GA tickets will allow you to roam anywhere in the venue except VIP areas.


Q: I ordered my ticket through this website from Ticketmaster but my ticket hasn’t arrived yet! Can you help!?!

A: Try here:
TM Customer Service (800-653-8000) or http://www.ticketmaster.com/h/customer_serve.html?tm_link=help_nav_4_contact


Q: What time will each artist be playing?

A: Set times will be made available as the start of the festival gets closer


Q: What will I be allowed to bring into the venue?

A: On each show page we will list what you can bring in to the show as we get information from the venues. All rules and regulations are at the discretion of each venue.


Q: I am diabetic (or have a similar medical issue) am I allowed to bring my medical equipment inside the venue?

A: Yes. Please be sure to give any bio-hazardous waste to the on-site medics to dispose of properly.


Q: Are there ins and outs at the venue?

A: Once you enter the venue, if you leave you will not be allowed back in. All stages and festival areas will be located INSIDE the venue. Make sure you have all your belongings that you are planning to bring inside with you.


Q: I am a vendor and would like to sell my product at IDENTITY, who do I contact?
A: If you are interested in being a vendor on IDENTITY please email Vendors[at]idfestival.com.


Q: I’m interested in covering IDENTITY/interviewing an IDENTITY artist/looking for a media pass. Who do I contact?

A: Email all of your press and media requests to press[at]idfestival.com


Q: I have a question that is not listed here, who do ask?

A: Email any questions, comments, concerns or words of wisdom to info[at]idfestival.com