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I’m a couple days late on posting I know, so sue me (don’t actually that’s not nice), but at long last I’ve got another blog post for you.  Although we’re on Day 2 of IDENTITY, let me catch you up to speed on what’s been going on….

Rehearsal day was on the 10th, I spent the better part of the morning trying to avoid being run over by forklifts and golfcarts making their way for each stage set up, but I did manage to snap a few shots of the stages being built:

  • IMG_1659
  • IMG_1658
  • IMG_1657
  • IMG_1649
  • IMG_1646
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Somehow got roped into checking all artists and crew in to give them their passes for the tour.  The upside was getting to meet a lot of the artists such as: The Crystal Method, Le Castle Vania, Steve Aoki, Marshall Barnes, The Eye, Data Romance, Figo, RioTGeaR, Datsik….it really is like camp except no one found out yet who they were going to be bunking with.  Rusko’s team went above and beyond (no dj pun intended) by getting specially designed ID windbreakers made to rock on tour:

Rounded out rehearsal day by checking out Kaskade’s soundcheck and his stage setup is absolutely amazing.  It’s definitely going to be a treat for anyone who’s a fan.  Even if you’re not, it’s visually awesome and worth checking out.

After all was said and done, we held a little shindig for everyone on the tour to come and hang out, get to know one another.  The coolest thing I’ve noticed about this genre is the amount of camaraderie between everyone is amazing.  You have a The Crystal Method sandwiched between Datsik and Le Castle Vania hanging at one table talking over onion rings and chicken wings — old school with new school (hopefully that doesn’t offend any of them — the old school/new school comment that is not the onion rings and wings for those, are delicious).

We kicked off Day 1 of IDENTITY yesterday in Noblesville, IN.  As you can imagine, first day was crazy but at the same time insanely awesome. I actually started the day accompanying Modeselektor to drop off their rental car.  I do enjoy that they wear their jumpsuits all the live long day.  I decided then it was only natural to start off my day by watching them perform on the Main Stage.  Apparently they perform barefoot as well:

It was awesome to watch a bunch of kids rush down to the stage once they started playing.

After Modeselektor I perused the festival area to see what was going on…a lot of hula hooping and checked out our official merch — we’ve got a TON of designs to choose from

Hopped on over to the Rockstar Energy Drink’s Dim Mak Stage to watch Le Castle Vania and Nero perform.  The crowds were awesome for both — Nero had all the dubstep lovers going maniacal.

Popped over for a minute to catch Marshall Barnes on the Advent Stage then headed back to production to get a little work in before watching Chuckie on the Main Stage.  Chuckie is super friendly and we had a good time joking around with him before his set.  Some of you may have seen my tweets about him on the IDENTITY Twitter — he made me do it (but shhh don’t tell him I told you that haha).  But I stand by them, Chuckie was indeed “fucking awesome”

We also found this guy hanging out….

Apparently he (or she) is a gift from The Disco Biscuits to be the official Main Stage mascot! What should be his/her name? DJ Helltron suggests Wilburrrrr.

Then I had to see Rusko who has become one of my favorites, take on the Main Stage.  He has the perfect dubstep workout can we please get him to make a fitness dvd? I didn’t get a chance to take video of it but trust me we’ll have it soon.

Finished off Day 1 with Steve Aoki and Kaskade.  I’ll just let you see the photos:

until tomorrow….