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Well, well here we are, just mere days away from the start of the first-ever touring electronic festival!  Feels like it wasn’t even that long ago we announced IDENTITY and now I’m sitting in my hotel room in Noblesville, IN preparing for the last couple days before we take this show on the road. I got some shots before we left of us packing up the truck:

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Our hotel room is awesome although I’m perturbed at how closely the water runs on the sink in the bathroom:

Today we’re just getting things organized making sure everyone’s getting picked up from the airport and checked into their hotels.  Tomorrow’s rehearsal day so things promise to be a lot busier.  Rehearsal day basically like the first day at camp.  All festival and artist crews, sponsors, vendors and DJs get together in one place to pick up their laminates, meal tickets, find out their set times and get situated for the next 30 some odd days.  It’s my first one so I’ll definitely have some photos up tomorrow for you all to look at so keep it right here…

Until tomorrow!

– DJ Neha